founding product manager - web3 sports
Senior +1 · Full time
Posted 2 years ago
Why is this role awesome?
run product for the world's first crypto-native sports league. onboard 1 million+ sports fans to web3 seamlessly via token aidrops. work for the first sports league filmed live in front of 3d-rendered graphics in unreal engine.

karate combat is the world's fastest growing professional combat sports league and the first sport filmed in front of 3d cgi rendered in unreal engine. the league generates over 4 million views per event and is distributed on the top sports channel in over 100 countries.  

the league has recently signed a large sponsorship with an evm-compatible blockchain to develop the league as the first community-controlled sport, with a novel governance & utility token mechanism designed for sports fans.

our new founding product manager will be responsible for quickly researching onboarding solutions for web3 applications, determining the front-end product vision, planning and delivering the front-end product, and working hand-in-hand with the team’s developers, designer, and growth team. 

-required experience-

  • world-class product sense.
  • front-end & on-boarding expertise.
  • 5+ years software experience.
  • 2+ years of product management experience.
  • demonstrated interest in web3.

apply at jobs at

Karate Combat
The Premier Full Contact Karate League
Size:  51-100 employees
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