Senior Growth Product Manager
Mid-level · Full time
Posted 5 months ago

Full-time Fully Remote

We're looking for a Growth Product Manager to join our product team, to help drive the strategy for rapidly growing, retaining, and monetizing the TryHackMe user base. This role involves crafting user experiences that keep users active and engaged, and breaks down data to deliver insights to your growth squad. Move the needle by experimenting, learning and iterating!

Hello, we’re TryHackMe

TryHackMe is the largest online cyber security training platform on the planet with almost two million users. We make learning fun through immersive learning environments and an awesome product experience. Many people consider cyber security an impossible field to break into, and we are here to demystify that (anyone can learn how to ethically hack and defend against hackers).

The company is 55 people strong but is growing fast. Relevant to you, our engineering team consists of 12 people, a design team of 2, and a product team of 2.


  • Ideate, design, create, execute and analyse experiments (running multiple experiments at any given time); own the entire experimentation process and drive product improvements.
  • Identify activation, retention and monetization growth opportunities. Prioritise experiments backed by data (qualitative customer research, competitor analysis, and quantitative data).
  • Learn from past experiments, iterating and improving on areas of the product, sharing lessons with the wider company.
  • Conduct product discovery, care about building prototypes, quickly iterate on ideas to get to the best design.
  • Design rigorous AB tests to identify causal effects of experiment changes.


  • 3+ years experience of product management experience within a SaaS or software company.
  • Experience running growth experiments in a scrappy, high velocity environment.
  • Deep understanding of growth loops, funnel metrics, and consumer SaaS business models.
  • Experience using analytical skills to gather, surface, and interpret user data to help drive decision making.
  • Has a core product leadership skill set, including data analysis, writing, research, and feature lifecycle management.
  • Strong experience with product management, development and analysis tooling e.g. JIRA, Amplitude/MixPanel, data dashboards, etc.
  • Ability to balance design and technical tradeoffs, then create technical requirements that balance customer and business needs.

Bonus Points

  • Experience running experiments for SaaS businesses at different stages of a growth funnel.
  • Experience with education technology and products.


  • 🕒 Flexi Time - Choose when to start, finish and take breaks in your workday.
  • 💸 401k / Pension - TryHackMe makes it easy to save money for retirement.
  • 🧡 Health Insurance - Get health insurance if you're in a country that doesn't have public health care.
  • 🏗️10% Project - Devote 10% of your time developing anything you want, providing it benefits TryHackMe in some way.
  • ⛱️ Company Retreat - We're planning to have an annual company retreat (post-covid), fully paid for by us!
  • 🚣 Fully Remote - In a fully digital world, there is nothing stopping you from working anywhere you want.
  • 💪 Personal Development - Everyone gets a minimum annual training budget of £2,500. Use this for online courses, to acquire certifications, and more.
  • 💻 Tools - You'll receive a dedicated work laptop, and any other accessories you need to do your best work.
  • 🔥 Full access to all of TryHackMe’s features; learn how to hack.

Our Hiring Process

  • Stage 1: Send us your CV
  • Stage 2: Informal 20m phone conversation
  • Stage 2: 45m phone conversation
  • Stage 3: Take home task
  • Stage 4: Task discussion

Email us at jobs [at] tryhackme [dot] com with the subject line “Senior Growth Product Manager”

The largest online cyber security training platform
Size:  11-50 employees
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